Whats what where from used

DCC NCE powercab is used with a SB3a
Sound Locos from Eureka(QSI)
Sound chips from Soundtraxx installed by myself
Point control will be Modratec and Peco motors

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Re Join the RTM

Ive always wanted to rejoin the RTM and last December I finally did . The membership person asked if I wanted my old number back if it was still available "but in the interim " ive given you 60__ . I responded I'll have that one thanks very much .  Ive seen some pictures on Facebook and on Flickr which has brought back some nice memories of the end of steam as I saw it ,the RTM opening Enfield and the great tours . One of these days I will open a picture up on one of these sites and I will be there in someones pic.(I hope anyway). I spent most of my paper run money on Tours, donations and fares getting to Enfield and later Rhondda. Other than my wish that their was more preserved steam (running now) I wish I had a better camera back then. Bring on the mighty Garratt 6029 .

42 years earlier

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