Whats what where from used

DCC NCE powercab is used with a SB3a
Sound Locos from Eureka(QSI)
Sound chips from Soundtraxx installed by myself
Point control will be Modratec and Peco motors

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Austrains FO in 20+ Pieces

I bought a 2 pack of Austrains CCA FO in Tuscan and Russet passenger car pack . I want to change the roof colour , paint the end platform underneath the roof white, decal the body then heavily weather it. I don't like masking so I thought it easier to pull apart and paint each individual piece. The interior colour can be changed passengers added and open windows . The under carriage can also be weathered . Here is an exploded view before I start the painting (its raining outside) not good for airbrushing.

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