Whats what where from used

DCC NCE powercab is used with a SB3a
Sound Locos from Eureka(QSI)
Sound chips from Soundtraxx installed by myself
Point control will be Modratec and Peco motors

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Auscision brought out their 73 class DC friendly certainly not DCC ready. I very nice loco one I only decided to buy 3 weeks ago and the only Tuscan one left was 7320 .Im not really keen on the L7 plate on the nose ,I might replace it with a chrome NSWGR plate. There is a picture of 7320 shunting at Central station ,Southern Aurora cars back to Acdep I suppose. Anyway I have fitted a TCS M$ decoder to it and wasted 4 hours tring to figure out the wiring light board. As it is atm the only way to change the markers from red to white is to change the polarity ,you cannot do that on DCC. I will proberly just have the red markers on or off. Headlight and number boards on the same function and a cab light. I took it down to the train club and it runs very slow at 28 speed steps as its a shunting loco i suppose..I really enjoyed shunting with the 73 something I havent done before, normally running mainline stuff. It actually rekindled interest in the hobby. Here are some pictures.on the clubs layout