Whats what where from used

DCC NCE powercab is used with a SB3a
Sound Locos from Eureka(QSI)
Sound chips from Soundtraxx installed by myself
Point control will be Modratec and Peco motors

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Motor aligned to rear axle and motor bracket soldered to side frames,had to file half the wheel shaft bearings to fit the worm gear.Wheels fitted and correctly and quartered drive wheels.right side leading.Cut 2 connecting rods from fret and fitted to pins.Blue plastic on drive pins are,will hold the con.rods on whilst testing running capabilities of wheels/axles ,to make sure nothing is binding.So Far so good.next to finish brake rigging and pickups and then put power to motor test and finish by etch painting.1036 will run on DCC(nscale decoder to fit) so the wheels cannot bind or the decoder will go pszszszt.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm building "Fanny" 23 ex1036

Here is the Kit and almost completed Chassis