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DCC NCE powercab is used with a SB3a
Sound Locos from Eureka(QSI)
Sound chips from Soundtraxx installed by myself
Point control will be Modratec and Peco motors

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Old Pics of mine ex NSWGR locos and RTM

Lucky I backed up the contents of my old computer (hard drive crashed) and I was setting where my screen saver used photos from on my new computer I found these 3 of many I thought I would post some. Bloodly Windows 8 . I wasn't much of a photographer back then .I had to bludge my Mums camera the old Kodak instamatic. Imagine having a Digital camera back then. 3rd photos for you Bill!!
6002 awaiting the scrappers torch No3 roundhouse Enfield 1972

3203 on the Martins creek RTM tour .I think this was the tour on a particular photo stop we had to cross a long tressle bridge,very scary sleeper by sleeper

5595 on no3 turntable 1972

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for memories!
    It was a great day at Endfield moving those engines and wagons all those years ago!!!!
    I had better have a look through my collection and get some photos of 5595 up on the blog!
    Thanks Bill W